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A gentle reinforcement for your legs.

Compression Stocking Therapy is more than just support for your legs. It's a pathway to improved circulation, reduced swelling, and a significant decrease in the discomfort from varicose veins. Ideal for anyone standing or sitting for long periods, athletes, or those recovering from surgery, this therapy offers a simple yet effective method to boost your leg health and comfort. Embrace the feeling of lightness and well-being with every step you take.

Compression Stocking Therapy

Oh No No No..... these are not your grandmothers kind of Stockings. We carry style and all sorts of colours.

Compression Stocking Therapy involves a couple steps before we find you the right pair for your comfort..

First you will need to visit your family Doctor for a prescription indicating what kind of compression level, length / body part coverage your Doctors recommends and reports as your diagnosis for the need of compression therapy. Need the note pad for your doctor to fill in. Don't worry we can give you that. Just walk on in and we can give you that on the spot.

Next we would book you in for a Compression Fitting with one of our Certified Fitters. Don't worry this won't take long (20 minutes) and it is a complimentary service. This is best done a few hours after you have waken up in the morning due to gravity and the affect it has on your body when upright.. Swelling of the feet, ankles and legs can occur after being on your feet for a period of time so we need you in within the first few hours of you being upright for the day. This will ensure we get an accurate measurement. Now you are ready to pick the pair that suits your style and daily activities.

Our Compression Stockings are CUSTOM FITTED, so please be aware we will NOT dispense you items without a Medical Prescription and custom fitted measurements.

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