Our Origins

A Journey to Holistic Care

We take pride in serving our community since 2007. It all began with a dream of creating a safe and welcoming space where people feel comfortable sharing their stories and receiving the care they need. This dream is now shared by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who embrace our philosophy of a holistic, patient-centered approach. As we reflect on our journey since its inception, we remain committed to keeping this dream alive, one day at a time.

Meet Our Team

Amanda Pieper

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

Amanda has always had an interest in health and the comprehension of the human body. She started massaging friends and family from a young age and decided to follow her passion and became a Registered Massage Therapist. She graduated from ICT Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy.

Having worked with children and young adults in after-school programs and teaching adults English as a second language, Amanda has gained strong interpersonal communication skills and understands that needs vary at different stages of life.

Amanda uses a wide range of massage techniques that allows her to tailor her treatment for her patient’s needs, from deep therapeutic touch to myofascial work and Swedish massage therapy. She has experience working with HIV and auto-immune disease clients.

Ben Wong

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

Ben is a graduate of the Centennial College Massage Therapy Program. He shows interest in the clinical and sports aspect of massage through his background of being an athlete himself. He has worked with a variety of patients such as seniors, athletes, infants, people with special needs, and patients and hospital staff in palliative care. Ben hopes to widen his variety of massage therapy skills in the future and gain more experience performing Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment (NISA), Myofascial Release, Sports massage, and Lymphatics.

•Massage Therapy Diploma Program (Centennial College, 2011) •Ontario Massage Therapy Association Member (2011) •College of Massage Therapists of Ontario registration (2011)

Daniel Sabau

Registered Massage Therapist / Manual Osteopath

Massage Therapy, Osteopathy

Freedom of movement allows freedom of self. Whether that means playing with his children, crushing a workout, or frolicking in nature, he believes individuals were meant to move - that’s why it’s called move-meant! Together, he invites clients to talk about what that looks like for them, identify their goals, and embark on a journey toward them.

Dan’s journey started as a child when he played many sports, overcame injuries, and felt how physical limitations affected his ability to move and be himself. During his first ecstatic dance, he discovered what it meant to truly move freely, and felt how he had been limiting himself.

This inspired him to study Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, Massage Therapy at Sutherland-Chan, and now Osteopathy at Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy. He keeps taking courses to gather practical information from his experiences. He believes that understanding health is the most important thing individuals can do, and he is constantly integrating new information to upgrade his practice.

Through a combination of clinical assessment and intuition, he crafts a specialized approach that draws upon manual therapy techniques like Swedish, deep tissue, muscle energy, myofascial, joint play, and trigger point release in combination with breath, mindfulness, and neurology. His intention is to offer a welcoming, easeful, non-judgemental sanctuary that soothes the soul, calms the mind, and allows the body to speak. Only by listening, can he create the ideal conditions that facilitate its innate healing abilities.

Dr. Chadell Phillip



Dr Chadell is passionate about helping clients get to the cause of their symptoms so they can feel better in their body and get back to the things that bring them joy. She is a high-spirited doctor who enjoys teaching her patients about their body, encourages questions about their health, and has a unique hands on technique that is gentle and very effective.

Her special interests include:

  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Headaches and neck/shoulder pain
  • Poor or Weak Posture
  • Low Back Pain and Sciatica
  • Pregnancy and Babies

She utilizes spinal x-rays to investigate if there is abnormal alignment that can cause pain or dysfunction, as well as neurological scanning technology to screen for stress of the spinal nerves that can cause abnormal function and healing of the body.

Whether you are experiencing a new unusual pain or an ongoing chronic injury, she will work hard to investigate the true cause of your problem and develop a care-plan tailored uniquely for you.

Frederic Dumunier

Manual Osteopath


Frederic is a Manual Osteopath DO(Fr) and a graduate of the IFOGA, a French osteopathic school in Avignon, France.

He uses many different osteopathic techniques to find the origin of the problem and better respond to his patient’s needs. Frederic uses visceral manipulations, musculoskeletal and cranio-sacral techniques with patients of all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly, as well as athletes and pregnant women. He introduces to his patients a personalized approach in collaboration with other therapists to find solutions to recuperate health and wellness.

Frederic’s diverse experiences with athletes on the French Championship in Athletics and on many sporting events in France gave him the desire to be excellent. His adventurous spirit sent him to Morocco as part of the medical team for the rally race ‘Raid Passion Désert’. He never stops studying, as he is teacher at the Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy in Toronto and an assistant teacher at the Barral Institute, a World Wide continuing education for Visceral and Neural Manipulation.

Since 2016, Frederic has been leading volunteers to share the osteopathic approach with the Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) in Haiti. A year later, he co-funded a non-for-profit organization Osteopathy for Haiti that focus on Osteopathic care, Education and Fundraising. Since 2017, more than 100 hours of training were conducted with the medical and paramedical staff of the hospital.

Gary Brum

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

Drawing inspiration from nature and science, Gary choose to use massage as a means of connecting the body and mind. As a warm, inclusive, light-hearted and insightful therapist, Gary has treated members of our Parkdale community and beyond. Gary has worked with artists of the stage, screen, microphone & canvas. For people looking to maintain their active lives, Gary has experience treating shoulder, hip and back muscle issues. Additional learning has been undertaken to better serve the massage needs of pregnant people, infants, and chest tissues with a strong emphasis on consent. Gary provides a service that recognizes the need for physical and emotional safety, control of choices and decision making in the treatment plan and its’ execution.

Below is a list including my frequently used modalities: - Swedish - Fascial and Myofascial - Relaxation for anxiety, depression and headaches - Sports and sports taping - Ribs and breathing - Pre and post pregnancy massage - Lymphatic - Breast - TMJ ‘There is a place for Massage in everybody’s life.’ - Gary Brum, RMT.

Louise Reilly

Registered Massage Therapist/ Facial Stretch Therapist

Cupping, Massage Therapy

Therapist pressure: LIGHT/MODERATE

Louise graduated from ICT Kikkawa College in Toronto after spending years within the Toronto Event and Production industries. She has experience treating adults dealing with symptoms related to chronic pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety with a focus on how massage treats the nervous system.

Through the course of her education, she has become passionate about helping people find their path out of pain. She is the perfect therapist for you if you prefer light to medium pressure in a quiet atmosphere. Louise does not offer Deep Tissue Massage and prefers to pull away from the body instead. Through negative pressure, passive movements and guided breathing she will peel you off the ceiling and give you the tools to keep your feet on the ground.

Along with being an RMT, Louise is certified in Myofascial Cupping, Reflexology, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Shiatsu. These modalities are excellent for anyone suffering from limited mobility due to fascial restrictions, low back pain sufferers and those looking for relief from “stuck working on my couch” posture. Stress affects the body in a myriad of ways and massage therapy is a excellent way to tackle muscle tension, jaw pain, headaches, over stimulating atmospheres and bad vibes.

Louise does not currently offer prenatal or children’s massage.

Mallory Ryan

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

“I’m so excited to be back at The Well!” Mallory’s journey with the clinic began in 2016 when she relocated from Nova Scotia to Toronto. Over four years, she cultivated relationships with clients and collaborated with a fantastic team. Post-pandemic, she ventured into a sports clinic in Liberty Village, where she worked with both professional and amateur athletes. While the experience was incredible, after about a year, she felt a sense of burnout and the need to step back from healing others to focus on self-care.

In 2022, she transitioned to working at a record pressing company’s warehouse, where she participated in cutting, assembling, and packaging various projects, ranging from Taylor Swift and The Beatles to independent releases. This change provided the mental and physical break she required. Now, feeling reinvigorated, she eagerly returns to the healing realm and is thrilled to rejoin The Well’s remarkable team.

Her massage pressure typically ranges from light to moderate; thus, for those seeking deep tissue work, she might not be the ideal therapist. Nonetheless, recognizing that everyone experiences pressure differently, she relies on her intuitive touch to cater to individual needs. Infusing her treatments with a grounding and calming energy, she prioritizes client comfort and aims to deliver the ultimate relaxation massage. Clients often drift into sleep or occasionally embark on a journey to another dimension during her sessions.

With experience as a stretch therapist, she enjoys incorporating assisted stretching techniques into her treatments. Having been an RMT since 2015, she boasts a wealth of experience working with diverse clients with varied needs. She looks forward to meeting new clients, discussing their massage therapy goals, and accompanying them on their healing journeys.

Megan Arana

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

Since August 2017, Megan has been practicing as an Registred Massage Therapist (RMT), and her work as an RHCP has significantly changed her life for the better. Her goal with treatments is to bring that same transformative energy to her clients. Whether they seek full-body maintenance or have specific concerns, she is more than happy to assist. She holds a genuine passion for treating the rotator cuff and TMJ.

Prior to her career as an RMT, she experienced a period of uncertainty, searching for her path in life. Now fully immersed in her profession, she loves what she does, and clients can feel her passion radiating through her treatments. Whether clients prefer engaging conversation or quiet relaxation during treatment, she aims to cater to their specific needs.

Olivia Marcus

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy

Therapist pressure: Moderate to deep pressure. Olivia spent the first half of her massage education at Sutherland-Chan school of massage therapy in Toronto and the latter half at Royal Canadian College of massage, in North York, where she graduated.

While completing her studies, Olivia worked in the UPS warehouse, as part time management; In addition to various part time jobs to help put her through school and reach her goal of becoming an RMT.

Olivia specializes in deep pressure therapy and trigger point therapy. She has experience working with people who face chronic fatigue, burn-out, stress and muscular pains caused by being overworked and or working in a labour intensive/fast paced industry—causing repetitive strain injuries, chronic muscle pains and holding patterns.

Olivia has a unique lens to treatment, founded on her experience working in multiple industries. She also has worked multiple jobs, while simultaneously going to school.

This experience has made her extremely passionate for massage maintenance and treatment for an overall better quality of life. She wants to advocate this message to her clients and society.

Her belief is that individuals should put as much care and time into their bodies as they do in their career, their loved ones and passions– for a long fruitful and positive experience in both work and play.

Olivia is the perfect therapist for you if you are looking for a moderate or deep tissue massage. Client-based treatment is her passion; Whether you are looking for a quite and relaxing massage or love to chat while getting treatment, she is happy to do whatever you feel will make your massage experience the best for you!

Olivia is excited to learn and acquire new skills, so she hopes you will be on the look out for additional modalities she can offer you as time goes on! As she is extremely passionate about growing, learning, and bettering herself better, to ultimately treatment she can offer her clients.

If you are looking for back, head, neck, and shoulder massages—she is passionate in helping relieve the tension in these specific areas, to help you feel less restricted, relieve tension headaches, stress, stiffness and discomfort caused by overworking and the hectic everyday .

Whether you are looking for a place to quietly relax and recharge or love to chat, Olivia is open to giving you the treatment you are dreaming of and deserve.

Olivia offers prenatal and children’s massage.

Sarah Rodrigues-Couto

Client Care Coordinator

Brace Fitting, Compression Stocking Therapy

Client Care Coordinator

Sarah Rodrigues-Couto started at The Well on October 2018. She comes to us with sales and managing experience from a busy retail company. She oversaw client complaints, inquiries, cashiering, managing staff issues, scheduling and supply orders.

She has always wanted to be in a field where helping people was the main priority and we think it’s safe to say she has found what she is looking for.

Sarah is certified in Compression Therapy fittings with Sigvaris and helps people daily here at The Well.

Tracy Alexander

Client Care Coordinator

Brace Fitting

Tracy started at the Well in May 2022, she comes from a background in administration, sales, customer service and management.

Taking on this new career in medical administration/ client care coordination, Tracy feels that this is a great way to reach the black and lgbtq+ community with their journey to better well being.

Yuval Blum


Acupuncture, Cupping

Yuval Blum is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Classical Chinese Medicine and is a member of The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. He specializes in Acupuncture and Classical Chinese Medicine. In addition to receiving his diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yuval is also a graduate of CCTM (under the direction of Peter Van Kervel, its founder), a course that integrate Western Pathology into Chinese Medicine application.

Yuval utilizes his knowledge to identify the root of the body’s imbalance to devise specialized personalized treatment solutions that lead to optimum results and patient well-being. Yuval’s treatment approach combines Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Dietary & Lifestyle counselling. He is an energetic and enthusiastic therapist who is continually updating his knowledge.

Yuval will be happy to meet with you to evaluate and advise you on potential treatment solutions.

Areas of expertise: •Gynecology and Woman’s Health •Infertility •Pre-Post Natal •Pediatrics •Emotional Conditions •Acute/Chronic Pain and Pain Management •Chronic Disease •And More Courses and Continuing Education •5 Elements Acupuncture •CCTM- Western Pathology in Chinese Medicine •Emotions, Stress and Trauma in Chinese Medicine •Gynecology and Woman’s Health •Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

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