Stephanie believes in the uniqueness of each individual in her care. Working closely together with her patients she strives to make individualized treatment plans that will assist in restoring the body to a state of health where it will respond to life in the best possible way, with vitality and resilience, maintaining a dynamic state of equilibrium.
Dr. Stephanie Shachter, ND
Stephanie is a naturopathic doctor who is delighted to be joining the Well of Alternative Medicine.

Stephanie’s mission is to help people identify imbalances in their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual planes, and address them through education and treatments specific to the person. In her experience, treating in this way gives the patient the best opportunity to return to their natural state of health.

Stephanie has a special interest and skill in treating addictions including but not limited to smoking and food. She also has a special interest and additional training in working with people who suffer from a variety of digestive disorders.

Stephanie also has experience in treating Parkinson's disease , working with techniques learned from one of the leading experts in the field, Dr. Shachter is thrilled to offer innovative natural treatments for PD with proven high success rates.

Stephanie has additional training in treating trauma and is currently working towards her certification in the Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Model. This has given her the ability to help treat long-standing mental and emotional imbalances caused by any sort of childhood traumatic event(s).

Dr. Shachter graduated with a BA from the University of Guelph and then went on to complete a post-graduate degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
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